No Bull Mortgage

Will Young; Business Associate

David is a knowledgeable loan broker who extends practical and sound financial advice as well as great leadership. I began working with David in approximately May of 2007 as a Loan Specialist. On several occasions I have presented various types of very difficult to fund loan requests from various types of individuals including subprime borrowers facing foreclosure, international investors constructing hotels and resort facilities overseas and rehab investors lacking construction experience and the downpayment funds for the rapid property acquisition, repair and disposal. In every case, David’s recommendations have not only been sound and useful, but included appropriate lenders for the situation.


Richard; IL

David really delivers on the “no bull” promise by communicating clearly and effectively with a deep and detailed knowledge of real estate. I would definitely recommend him for first-time homebuyers and any one who wants a team member who really helps.


Brian & Heather; Edmonds, WA

David is the person you want on your side, working for you. Whether you need help with planning for a real estate purchase or sale, business planning, or personal financial planning, you won’t find a person more adept and knowledgeable that he is. David will take you through from start to finish while considering your entire financial picture. I definitely look forward working with David again in the future.


Serene Hong; Business Associate

David is very personable and has been a pleasure to work with. He has the drive and the determination to “get to the bottom of things”; showing his work integrity and accountability to get things done right. His persistence and tenacity will definitely pay off in the long run.


Stephanie and Nathan; Fredericksburg, TX

My wife and I were blown away with the folks at No Bull Financial. Dave and his staff are confident in what they do and make working with them fun. They’ve had an answer to our hundreds of questions. We look forward to a long working relationship with Dave and his staff.


Kayce & Matt; Honolulu, HI

For those who may remember, my DBF and I started our house hunt in January of this year (2007). Our biggest roadblocks were BF being self-employed, and middling FICO scores.

On top of this, I had to coordinate our purchase with the sale of my condo, as that would be the source of our down payment.

I listed my condo for sale in February, after a few months of de-cluttering and touching up and received a full-price offer my second day on the market. Needless to say I was ecstatic. I ignored the pessimists who said I should have asked for more. My neighbors listed for more and ended up selling for $10k less than I did (and spent months on the market).

With a sale pending on my condo, DBF and I started looking seriously for our own place. We had our eyes on a 2/2 townhouse funnily enough, in the same building I was selling in. Yes, I moved upstairs (and four doors to the left).

We initially talked to 3 local brokers/bankers, none of whom felt “right”. One told us our rates/fees would have to be subprime. One told us DBF had to have 3 years as self-employed (he only had 2). The last promised us a rate of 6% with “no fees” (and that smelled pretty fishy to me).

Now, we understood we weren’t ideal borrowers. We are not married. One of us has been self-employed for two years and (at that time) had yet to file any taxes. Our low average FICO was 635. Our down payment, though not small (10%) was dependent on the sale of my current condo. We did have reserve cash, maybe our only positive.

We knew we needed someone who could find us the best possible solution for our situation and after turning to these [message] boards time and again for advice, I decided on our very own Dave Donhoff to represent us. From the get go, Dave helped relieve a lot of the stress and confusion I was feeling about our purchase. Every question (and I have lots!) I had was answered in a timely fashion, even late into the evening and on the weekends. Krystle and Michelle did a fantastic job coordinating everything with my Real Estate Agent and my two title companies, most evident when, four days before our scheduled close, our underwriter was fired! Even with that glitch we were only delayed a few days.

As for the “deal” we got, let me just say, we are more than happy with it. In fact, I think it’s safe to say it surpassed my most optimistic expectations. I honestly thought DBF and I were going to have to put our dream of owning a home together on hold and instead we are happily settling into our home of two months.

Thank you Dave, Michelle and Krystle and everyone here who gave me advice and encouragement to get me through this process!


Martin; Edgewater, MD

My first encounter with Dave Donhoff and No Bull Financial was through the Motley Fool web site a number of years back. I was in the process of looking to refinance my home loan and needed guidance on my options. Dave offered unvarnished advice on what to look for and how to shop for refinancing. He was very respected and sought out by other members of the Motley Fool community. Dave was patient in explaining all the details and was happy to answer all of my questions, even the dumb ones. I eventually went with Dave to refinance my home. I also used Dave’s services to open a HELOC for some improvements. Over the subsequent years and months I have stayed in contact with Dave for other financial matters. Dave has always made some time to explain things to me in the simplest of terms. Keep in mind that I have never entered into any official services arrangement with Dave and No Bull Financial yet he has never asked to be paid for his advice.

So one may ask, “What is it about Dave that you stay in contact with him?” Well it is not because he is free. If he thought his time should be compensated in some way I would gladly pay for it. To put it quite simply, Dave cares. His objective is not to sell you something. Dave takes the time to listen to why you are where you are, and as I mentioned previously, offers unvarnished advice. In my case it may not have been what I wanted to hear, but it definitely was what I needed to hear. He wants to make sure you understand your options and guide you to make the right financial decisions.


Jay; Posted at The Motley Fool

Thanks for the comprehensive reply! After the first 8 or so replies I was leaning heavily toward skipping escrow, but your advice certainly seems solid to me. I’ll just double-check with my mortgage bank to confirm the additional charge for skipping escrow, but I’m sure you know what you’re talking about. I was only going to do it to earn extra money and I had read your other posts about holding on to cash at all (or most) times. In fact, I altered my downpayment plan based on your posts. I originally thought a large downpayment was the safe route, but your posts convinced me otherwise. I slashed my downpayment and figure I’ll tap the extra money as needed to meet the higher monthly nut. Thanks again.

Bruce & Christine; Springfield, VA

It was overall an extremely professional, courteous, and stress-free process. I was so very impressed with the quick and informative responses to my answers. Including the very quick turnaround of delivering us some of our requested documents via email.

The appraiser was excellent, gave us a wonderful estimate and was very professional, courteous, timely, and friendly to deal with.

The title company was equally as pleasant to deal with. They were very timely and it was nice that they came to us, rather than us driving over to them. We really appreciated that.

We were taken from a very stressful situation, to being completely comfortable. We were so happy to have had this done. As well, we were treated respectfully and promptly, no matter how “small” our questions were.

I highly recommed No Bull Mortgage for all of these reasons. Thank you very much!

Ben & Lina; South Pasadena, CA

I used Dave’s services to find a mortgage when I first purchased my condo in 2002. Since then, I have refinanced twice, again using his services. At every point I compared Dave against my local credit union.

What are Dave’s strengths? It is not quite on price: I can probably save some money by going with my credit union for certain (emphasis on certain, not all) common loan products, e.g., a 30-year fixed with a 1-point discount.

Dave’s strength lies in his role as a broker, with access to a range of loans to fit the more unusual situation. And a borrower probably has at least an unusual requirement or constraint. For example, when my wife and I first bought, we were on foreign worker and international student visas. When we last refinanced, we wanted to pay points for a significantly lower rate. In both cases, Dave connected us with the right lender.

In addition to providing access to the right loan, Dave and his team coordinated the activities of various other parties (appraisers, escrow and title, etc). Their efforts and outcomes have been superior. A staff member, Michelle, in particular, has been very responsive and thorough. (Hi Michelle!)

I am very appreciative of another role that Dave plays as I evolved in my financial life: More than being a vendor of products, Dave is an advisor, who challenges old views and introduces new perspectives on how to manage wealth and net worth. He and I have spent hours just talking, about home equity, insurance, stocks, options… how one can use these well to improve returns and lower risks.

So, Dave is more than just a broker. He is a professional focused on the interests of his clients. I highly recommend him.

Ben Lee, Ph.D.