No Bull Mortgage


Every day the interest rates change, real-time, along with the rest of the world’s financial markets.  The way your financial debts, assets and cashflows all fit together will end up making a much greater impact on how fast you achieve your goals than the actual rates on the loan portion by itself.

Our clients earn a tax-free average of 6-8% on their safe growth assets, designed to out-run and retire all of their debt liabilities in the fastest manner possible.  The more growth assets a client has, the greater safety they hold, and the lower the mortgage interest rate they can lock in.  (It’s an ‘unfair advantage’ in favor of financially responsible, aggressive savers.  We work hard to get all of our clients as much ‘unfair advantage’ as possible!)

These are the current market rates.  Your final mortgage interest rate will be determined by the quality and strength of your qualifying financials, along with the market rates when you are within 15-20 days of closing and funding;

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