No Bull Mortgage

Brian & Marianne; New Hampshire, OH

Our processing was surprisingly smooth, actually – we did a double mortgage to avoid PMI, which usually means double the potential to go wrong. We were also on a rather tight time frame. Not a hitch. Dave was the one who warned us in advance to push for the builder to be ready for appraisal sooner than the appraiser, builder, or real estate agent thought was necessary. Good thing he did, actually – if we hadn’t, our closing would have had to be pushed back for a builder issue that didn’t come to light until the appraisal (exactly why he had us do it early.) This would have been a serious problem as we had to be out of our apartment exactly 2 days after closing. Any questions were answered in understandable language.

I know there are two ways Dave handles mortgages…one is “Transparent Wholesale ” (see the site for more details) which is how we went, and the other is with quite competitive “Best Guaranteed ” pricing. Dave under promised and overdelivered.

–Brian & Marianne

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