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Your To-do Checklist

For Salaried or Retired Borrowers:

  • ALL PAY STUBS for the most recent month including YTD totals
    • 4 if paid weekly, or
    • 2 if paid bi-weekly
  • Tax Returns (all pages & schedules) plus W-2 forms and/or 1099’s for the last
  • 2 complete filing years.
  • Last two months asset statements (checking, savings, investments,
  • retirement plans (IRA, 401(k),) etc.)
  • Clear crisp copy of driver’s license, Greencard, passport, or appropriate
  • residence visa we can read

If either Borrower makes more than 25% of earnings from Commissions:

  • Same as Salaried employee, plus last two years Federal Income Tax Returns
  • (all pages)

If either Earner is Retired or Disabled:

  • Disability or Award Letter(s)

For Self-Employed Borrowers (25%+ ownership of their employer):

  • Business Financial Statement – up to date
  • Signed year to date P&L (un-audited)
  • Corporate or Partnership & Personal Tax Returns (all pages & schedules) for
  • the last two filing years,
  • All K-1 tax forms (if applicable)
  • Copy of your Business License(s) for last three (2) tax years
  • Business & Personal Bank checking account statements for the past 3 months

Additionally if applicable, please provide a copy of the following

  • Rental Agreement(s) for any rental income property
  • 2 year’s Income Tax Schedule E, if using rental income to qualify

For Refinances:

  • Copy of your current Declaration Page (front) of homeowner (fire) insurance
  • policy (including agent’s name and telephone number)
  • Copy of your present First Mortgage document called the “NOTE” (only
  • required if you’re applying for a second mortgage from us)

For Purchases: Purchase & Sale Agreement (once signed-around by all parties)

  • 24 month history of housing payments:
    • For private landlords, provide front & back copies of your last 24 cancelled
    • rent checks (available by request from most checking banks,)
    • For a Property Management Company or Apartment Complex we only
  • need the contact names & numbers for those companies
  • Purchase & Sale Agreement (once signed-around by all parties)