No Bull Mortgage

About Us

No Bull Mortgage is the origination and loan structuring division of Leverage Planners, a national financial services and real estate mortgage firm in Kirkland, Washington. Most people are hemorrhaging real money and suspect it, but have no idea how to stop it or change it. Our business model is simple;

  1. We stop the financial bleeding,
  2. We can usually recover most of the money our clients are losing to Wall Street & taxes due to unecessary risks, fees, and strategic mistakes. We typically rescue and recover the equivalent of 3% to 20% of our clients’ gross income,
  3. We build a defense against increasing tax exposures, market volatility, litigation and unecessary fees and expenses,
  4. We secure and structure it to function as a private reserve family banking system,
  5. We safely grow it as much as 17% per year with **ZERO** market loss risks, averaging 6-8% tax-free (or a 9-14% if it were taxable.)


Our clients range from young professionals looking to achieve financial freedom earlier in life, to hopeful retirees seeking more income longevity, lasting longer, with less worry. The 5 most common traits of our clients;

  1. They own a home (or could, if they wanted to,)
  2. They “own” a career,
  3. They own (or are ‘owned BY’) a family ;~)
  4. They are aware of their financial reality,
  5. They are serious in their desire to improve it.

We serve clients from coast to coast via phone, email, “snail mail,” and in person (naturally.) Initial “get acquainted and explore” interviews are always free, and financial analysis & planning is sometimes offered Pro Bono (literally “for the good,” and at no charge) on a special case basis to like-minded clients who commit to join us in “paying it forward” by helping a special cause (of their choice) with part of their gains.


David Donhoff is the final answer to the riddle; What is the genetic/professional result of a maternal lineal heritage of physicians and nurses, and a paternal lineal heritage of engineers and executives; A holistic financial advisor with the over-arching mandate to “achieve the best possible results while first doing no harm!”

David understands that the underlying financial foundational health for every individual starts and builds on the stability of the largest investment of their early lives; their home, and its equity. All risks taken, even OUTSIDE of a person’s home equity, HAS AN EFFECT on the security and stability of their home itself. Further, all non-working capital accumulated WITHIN an individual’s real estate equity accrues direct market and litigation risks to that individual, and usually in a manner they can least afford that risk.

David has been an opinionated advisor, teacher, trainer, and speaker for over 25 years. You can search to read his rantings at The Motley Fool, That Home Site, Guns and Whiskey, Global Economic Trend Analysis, and other journals and financial BLOGs. David swept away & married his CPA Joanne many moons ago, and today she oversees the counting of the beans while David helps his clients MAKE, GROW and KEEP their beans. David and Joanne share the magical discoveries of life with their toddler son Trinny from their Lake Washington vista home just a rain-soaked coffee-cup-walk from Leverage Planner’s offices in the Kirkland Financial Center in Kirkland, Washington.

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